Royalty Free Stock Livestock Clipart by Alex Bannykh

  1. Happy Horned Brown Bull with a Silver Ring in His Nose
  2. Adorable Brown and Yellow Calf with Yellow Spots and a Yellow Belly, Standing by a Spring Flower
  3. Friendly Cute Brown Baby Donkey with Long Ears
  4. Friendly Cute Blue and Yellow Baby Donkey with Orange Hair and a Bow on His Tail, Holding a Red Balloon
  5. Cute Orange Female Chicken in Profile
  6. Beautiful Vibrantly Colored Rooster in Profile, Facing Right
  7. Cute Happy Gray Horse with Black Hair
  8. Cute and Running White Lamb with White Fleece
  9. Energetic White Lamb Running Left
  10. Cute and Happy White Lamb with Fluffy Wool, Running by in Profile
  11. Cute Pink Sheep with Fluffy White Wool, Standing in Profile and Glancing at the Viewer
  12. Happy Fluffy White Sheep with Fluffy Wool, Walking by in Profile
  13. Smiling and Happy Fluffy Lamb with Fluffy Wool
  14. Cute Happy Fluffy Sheep with Curly Horns, Standing in Profile, Glancing at the Viewer
  15. Curly Horned Sheep with Fluffy White Wool, in Profile, Glancing at the Viewer
  16. Fluffy Brown Ox with Big Horns and Long Hair, Facing Front
  17. Happy Brown Farm Cow with Spots, Wearing a Bell and Standing by Colorful Flowers
  18. Big Beefy Brown Bull with a Ring in His Nose on White
  19. Happy Yellow Cow with Pink Udders Facing Left
  20. Friendly White Cow with Brown Spots, Wearing a Golden Bell
  21. Cute Brown Cow in Profile, with Pink Udders and Short Horns
  22. Friendly Orange Dairy Cow with Smaller Brown Spots, Looking over at the Viewer
  23. Cute Long Haired White Goat with Big Horns, Wearing a Bell and Walking past Flowers
  24. Cute Yellow Goat Crossing over a Duck on a Pond on a Wooden Foot Bridge
  25. Cute Little Goat with Udders and Sharp Pointy Horns
  26. Adorable Yellow Baby Goat with Small Horns Facing Right
  27. Young Yellow Goat with Udders and Horns, in Profile, Facing Left
  28. Young and Cute White Goat with Horns and Udders
  29. Cute Brown Bull Calf Talking with a White Goose
  30. Happy Brown Bull Cow with Faint Spots, Wearing a Bell
  31. Pale Yellow Calf with Brown Spots, Wearing a Bell
  32. Happy Brown and White Dairy Cow Wearing a Bell and Watching a Butterfly on Her Hoof, Surrounded by a Wreath of Colorful Spring Flowers
  33. Cute Dairy Cow with Brown Spots and Short Horns Facing Left
  34. Cute Brown Spotted Dairy Calf Wearing a Bell and Smiling
  35. Friendly Adorable Baby Donkey Walking and Smiling
  36. Happy Friendly Brown Donkey in Profile, Smiling
  37. Yellow Chick Talking to a Brown Owl, on White
  38. Cute Yellow Baby Chick Running in Profile
  39. Friendly Cute Baby Chick Standing Between a Whole Egg and an Egg Shell
  40. Pair of Two Baby Chicks, One Male, One Female, Facing Each Other and Chatting
  41. Pair of Two Chatty Chicken Hens Facing Each Other
  42. Cute Friendly Yellow Chicken Hen with Red on Her Head
  43. Friendly Yellow Farm Chicken in Profile
  44. Cute Yellow Hen Standing over Bird Seed
  45. Cute Beige Chicken Hen with Red on Her Head
  46. Cute Colorful Green Rooster with Purple Tail Feathers
  47. Friendly Orange Rooster with Gradient Feathers, Facing to the Left
  48. Cute Yellow and Green Rooster with Orange, Purple, Green and Yellow Feathers
  49. Friendly Brown Rooster with Blue, Red and Yellow Plumage on Its Wings
  50. Cute Colorful Orange, Red and Yellow Rooster in Profile
  51. Friendly Rooster with Orange and Yellow Feathers, Standing in Profile
  52. Friendly Colorful Male Turkey Bird with a Red Head and Long Snood
  53. Pink Pigs Playing
  54. Happy Pink Pig Carrying a Basket of Apples
  55. Brown and White Pony
  56. Black and White Female Goat in a Garden with a Scythe
  57. Cute Adorable Yellow Chick Looking Back