Royalty Free Stock Livestock Clipart by Cory Thoman

  1. Happy Fluffy Sheep Smiling
  2. Happy Buff Brown Bull Smiling
  3. Cute Happy Ox Calf
  4. White and Brown Cow Character Running Right
  5. Frowning Mad Pig with His Hands on His Hips
  6. Friendly Bull Standing by a Blank Planted Wood Sign
  7. Rooster Crowing Loudly at Sunrise
  8. Plump Cow Standing Upright on White
  9. Happy Bull Jumping and Grinning on White
  10. Faded Pink Baby Pig Smiling
  11. Happy Pig Standing and Facing Right
  12. Chubby White Rooster Chick
  13. Rooster Boxing
  14. Baby Sheep Sleeping
  15. Chubby Smiling Brown Bull
  16. Cute Happy Piglet Sitting
  17. Sleeping Yellow Chick
  18. Chubby Yellow Rooster Chick in Love
  19. Buff Bull Giving Up, with Hands in the Air
  20. Big Bull Holding Flowers
  21. Buff Pig Standing Behind a Wooden Sign
  22. Buff Pig Holding His Hands up
  23. Lineart Angry Buff Bull
  24. Sad Ram Mascot
  25. Bored Spotted Brown and White Cow
  26. Depressed Sad Donkey
  27. Scared Donkey Stressing out
  28. Dreaming Horse
  29. Loving Brown Horse with Hearts
  30. Bored Horse
  31. Grinning Happy Ox
  32. Dizzy Drunk Ox
  33. Sitting Blue Ox Calf
  34. Surprised Gray Goat
  35. Scared White Llama
  36. Scared Sheep Screaming
  37. Bored Sheep with a Blank Expression
  38. Black and White Angry Buff Pig
  39. Black and White Cute Happy Piglet
  40. Black and White Chubby Screaming Pig
  41. Black and White Grinning Pig
  42. Black and White Chubby Evil Pig Grinning
  43. Lineart Happy Chubby Pig Waving
  44. Black and White Happy Dreaming Horse
  45. Lineart Dreaming Spotted Cow
  46. Black and White Surprised Cow
  47. Black and White Shocked Donkey
  48. Black and White Sad and Depressed Ox
  49. Lineart Drunk Ox
  50. Black and White Sad Sheep
  51. Black and White Angry Sheep
  52. Black and White Infatuated Ram Sheep with Hearts
  53. Black and White Chick Chick Flying
  54. Black and White Baby Sheep
  55. Black and White Baby Sheep Holding a Blank Sign
  56. Black and White Grinning Chubby Bull
  57. Lineart Happy Rooster Chick in a Shell
  58. Lineart Mad Rooster Chick
  59. Black and White Circle of Sheep Around Numbers
  60. Black and White Chicken Running and Flapping Its Wings