Royalty Free Stock Livestock Clipart by Dennis Holmes Designs

  1. Handsome Young Brown Bull Dancing with a Lady Cow on a Dance Floor
  2. Tired Dairy Cow Pumped with Hormones, Laying on Its Back and Squirting out Excess Milk
  3. Rabbit, Mouse, Fish, Cat, Bird, Pig, Dog, Cow and Horse with Matching Cloned Coats on White
  4. Spotted Cloned Dairy Cow with a Dalmatian Coat Pattern Facing Right
  5. Cloned Matching Cat, Dog, Horse and Cow on White
  6. White Horned Brahman Cow Head on White
  7. Happy White and Brown, White and Beige Cow with Udders and Horns
  8. Happy Brown Cow with Pink Udders, Walking to the Left
  9. Cute Brown Young Calf with Horns, Wearing Clothes and Plying with a Toy Tractor
  10. Peaceful Cow Smiling and Gesturing the Peace Sign with His Hand
  11. Proud Donkey Standing with His Hands on His Hips and Wearing Shoes
  12. Rooster Bird Holding a Golden Worlds Greatest Dad Trophy
  13. Friendly White and Pink Sheep Facing Front
  14. Brown Bull Character Wearing a Best Dad Ever Ribbon
  15. Brown Cow and Gray Horse with a Tied up Cowboy
  16. Happy Jumping Sheep in a Blue Tee Shirt
  17. White Sheep in a Shirt, Pointing Right
  18. Happy Jumping White Sheep in an Orange Shirt
  19. Happy Jumping Sheep in a Red T Shirt
  20. Happy Jumping White Sheep in a Purple Shirt
  21. Happy Yellow Duck
  22. Happy Goat Facing Front
  23. Goat Strolling on a Beach
  24. Yellow Farm Chicken
  25. Profiled Yellow Duck
  26. Black and White Outlined Farmer Shearing a Sheep
  27. Curly Tailed Piggy Looking Left